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25 Jun

World Class Luxury | La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini

I bet we are all familiar with the iconic views of the little white cave houses carved into high cliffs and overlooking the caldera and the most blue Aegean Sea. Famous for its magical sunsets, Santorini has become one of the main islands of love drawing tourists from all parts of the world. For some of them, it is a trip of a lifetime, and for others, it is a dream wedding or honeymoon destination. Today we are indulging into the world class luxury in Santorini with La Maltese Estate. Not only it is the finest hotel, but it has also got one of the best restaurants in the world as its partner – Buddha-Bar Beach. Ultimate modern luxury at the highest point of the island, top class service, impeccable food and breathtaking views. Let’s have a glance at what the estate has to offer. 
Owning the most exclusive properties on the island, one in Imerovigli and another in the iconic Oia village, La Maltese hotel offers us a world class experience. Hanging 250 meters above sea level, La Maltese Estate opens up to undisturbed caldera views with limited and exclusive properties. Each very well sized, elegantly furnished and comfortably equipped, yet retaining the decor details with respect to its original style from 1900’s.
Another exciting experience at La Maltese Estate is the partnership with one of the top bars on the island – Buddha Beach Bar Santorini. Providing guests with the unique drinks and food experience in the unique Buddha Bar Beach Santorini signature atmosphere, it has become one of the most exquisite and luxurious places to visit on the island. From the first step you will be drawn in by the sensational music of the famous Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini DJ Mario, who is there to entertain with the mix of eternal sounds of electronic versus Eastern and Western fusion music. The inevitable part of the whole experience is the perfect mix of Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini pacific rim & Mediterranean/Greek cuisine arranged by the award-winning Japanese Chef George Moumouris. And of course, the finest estate views will provide you with one of the most unforgettable dinning memories. Thanks to great efforts of the General Manager Bertolis Panos, La Maltese Estate is reaching its peak and becomes one of the most desirable places to be on for the whole Europe and travellers from around the world including famous celebrities.
Upon The Simone Magazine visit to the estate, we had a chance to meet Executive Worldwide Bar Chef Matthias Giroud, who has partnered with La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini hotel for a week of entertainment. Matthias introduces us with a new cult of cocktails that is not only a drink but also an art formula. Perfectly blended spices and spirits with a light hand of herbs creates that one of a kind evening experience in the golden hour of Santorini. 
La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini is becoming everyday famous with one of the best wedding destinations on the island. Opening its arms to undisturbed views of the island and the volcano, the hotel provides tailored services for anyone wishing to spend that special day there. La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini offers breathtaking wedding ceremony venue exclusively decorated and ready to fulfil your dream requests. Highly skilled team is there to prepare an impeccable day of your life meeting and exceeding the highest of your expectations. Top class service and spotless luxury is what you can rely on with La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini.
Plan your next getaway now and visit: www.lamaltese.com
Edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography & Videography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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