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8 Mar

Wise Kwai Restaurant | Dubai

Unique and crisp flavours, chilli spices and citrus aromas are why Thai food always attracts. Always click worth Instagram feed of Thai food lead us to plan our next dining experience. But when you are in Dubai, where would you head to taste some meals from the exotic lands? We can solve your dilemma and are proudly offering you to book Wise Kwai restaurant in Dubai.

Situated in the Dusit D2 Kennz hotel, Wise Kwai is the land of authenticity, warm welcoming with never ending smiles, cosy atmosphere and the food..the food is the revelation of perfection. The professional and extremely friendly waiting staff will guide you through the menu which will lead to one of the best recommendations.
Starting with contagiously delicious dips and crisps, evolutionary tasty crisp beef or chilli prawns will drown you into some of the best tastes of your life. The min courses are nor less phenomenal. So far, we had one of the best steamed fish meals we had barely had near Mediterranean! Topped up with lime flavours it just made one of the perfect dinning experiences ever.
For the desser, we must firstly ask if you ever had ruby water chestnut before, because of you haven’t you may regret the whole of your lifetime dining experiences. It is the mixture of jelly, coconut milk and jackfruit which is served on a luxuriously tall glass – it just makes it a never ending fairytale Thai dining that The Simone highly recommends.
We complimented the meals with the 24K gold Non-Alcholic champagne. Yes, and it had bits and pieces of goldfish segments throughout, which feels like drinking the fairytale. Again very refreshing and singular drinks, just as the rest of Wise Kwai.
The meal that is dreamt to be repeated by. Book your special Thai dinning at Wise Kwai in Dubai! Follow on Instagram to find more @wisekwaidxb
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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