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10 Feb

Why Dubai?!

The Simone Magazine has recently had a chance to travel and discover the enchanting, undeniably luxurious and millennial part of the Middle East – Dubai. Having travelled and scrolled through the biggest part of Europe, Dubai is nothing to be compared to. Lavish, extravagant & vibrant city is the only one of a kind.


If it ever makes you question “Why Dubai?” – we are happy to reveal our insights and 10 facts as to why Dubai should be on your bucket list.

1. Number one is probably the most advantageous – it is a massive city on the beach! For some people it may look not as the best beach holiday destination, but trust us – it has one of the most spectacular beaches with the mesmerising colour of clear waters.


2. Not only it is a city on the beach, it offers a whole year round sunshine and summer weather. Even though real summer months start quite early, it is not fully recommended because of high temperature which may rise up to 50C and even higher. However, winter months are ideal. We have just visited Dubai in January and have thoroughly enjoyed long walks, mild temperature, sunshine and blue skies! You must keep in mind blue skies are rare in Dubai in summer!

3. Third and crucial fact is about transport. Cheap taxis! Who would not want to spend their holiday being chauffeured around! And yes, apparently, taxis is the nest way to move around in Dubai. Driving is recommended for local professionals who know the roads very well!
4. The destination of the top 7 star hotel in the world – Burj Al Arab. Extreme design, pure luxury, million dollar worth views and 70 stores height – is where the worldwide famous luxury lies into. You can even pay a visit there as it has its own observatory!




5. It’s the city of the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa. Yes, the one and only shining star! Not only it looks outstanding in the daylight being able to be seen from almost most parts of Dubai, it also shines on through the night leaving the New Year’s feel throughout the whole year. Not only it twinkles better than the Eiffel Tower (sorry, Paris lovers, we do love it too!) but also projects impressive LED light shows. I think that’s enough compliments for Burj Khalifa for now…



6. Dubai is Home of the top must-see Contemporary Art Galleries in the world. Apparently, it is not all about sightseeing in Dubai. It can be a really cultural trip too.

7. Dubai is home of the world tallest buildings in general. Not counting the famous Burj Khalifa, the average city view height is more than above the average. In fact, you need to crack your neck big time to see all the wonders. And probably the fastest baking buildings appearing in a blink of an eye.



8. It is a great destination for business developments. Yes, Dubai is essential for investing, connecting and expanding businesses.


9. Tax free! Having no corporate neither income taxes, it saves much trouble to any king of developments. No surprise why so many successful business men arrived and stayed in Dubai. One’s got to work for it’s own benefits. Even though the land will never belong to them!

10. Multicultural. With more than 96 per cent being foreigners, Dubai is holds most of the cultures. Despite that, it is brilliant to see how strong they still feel about their own culture and religion and how welcoming and respectful they are.

Just to sum it up – if you haven’t already – You MUST visit Dubai in 2017. With the massively expanding and growing city, you can not only see but also learn and be on top of one the newest cities in the world.

We ❤️Dubai

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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