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20 Apr

What to pack to Santorini | Accessories Edit

Traveling to Greece and wondering what to pack? Wonder no longer as The Simone Magazine is getting ready for the spring break to the island of magical blues – Santorini! We are happy to run you through the must have accessories for your best trip of the year.

Let’s start from the top and talk about hats! First of all, remember that Greece is one of those sunshine blessed countries where the summer starts earlier and ends later. As much as we love sunshine and are keen to absorb it all in, we must protect ourselves too, therefore, hats win our accessories top shelve. You can go a long way with a classic fedora straw hat. Not only it will protect your hair and face skin from the strong UV but also will add a cool and stylish vibes to your look. P.s hats play an important role in the photographs too – get your Insta-shot ready outfit with a nicely brimmed fedora!

 Hats – Sarah J Kurtis

For us, sunglasses share the same shelve as the hat. Even after taking off your favourite straw hat in the sunshine, you will be left with another fashion necessity – some nice shades! We chose two different designs. One classic all black with the maximum UV protection that goes with most of the outfits, and the other pair is metallic, mirrored and cat-eye alike.

 Top – Vera Wangat Kenmark Eyewear / Bottom – Kapten & Son
Handbags. Summer is the only season letting us enjoy proper beach bags. And by proper beanbags we mean the gloriously unique and organic seagrass bags. We approve them as the best looking holiday bags and choose round shaped and tote styles!

  Left – Bag / Centre – Clutch @al_kuffa / Right – Kayu

Last but not least – comfortable footwear! We all know Santorini is famous for cobbled streets, millions steps and high hills, thus packing a good pair of espadrilles and slip-ons is a must. Put it in this way – espadrilles in a day time – stylish slippers at night!

Left – AGL Right – Lola Cruz

For heels addicted ladies – there is a warning and stilettos are highly not recommended! However, for a glamorous dinner nights and champagne bars overlooking Caldera views, we all know you may like to look just as fabulous. Choose more chunky lower block sandals – it will most definitely be the greatest choice! Even better if they are studded!
Bon Voyage!
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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