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14 Apr

Travelling Away with AWAY

Going anywhere new? The Simone Magazine’s philosophy is to visit at least one new place in a year. Where next would you go? What would you pack? And most importantly, where would you pack in? Today we are introducing a luxury luggage label AWAY.

If you are a constant or a random traveller, you must know it is a good idea to invest in a long lasting luggage. If you like travelling light, owning a good pair of carry-on luggage is essential. We are not going to lie, Away luggage is hard to be compared with. Here are few facts why.
Two separate compartments make it especially convenient when separating clothes from shoes, and other smaller goods. Included is the waterproof nylon bag, that is perfect keeping away dirty or wet clothes. Nevertheless, a special compression pad will help you save every needed space. Smooth ride, scratch free surface and… if you’re thinking a luggage can be anymore perfect, it can. One of the best features is a built in battery letting you charge any USB device. Meaning? We know you are a busy traveller, thus forget discharged phones, laptops. Enjoy your journey in full with AWAY.
Shop your forever luggage at www.awaytravel.com
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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