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2 Mar

Travel Pursuits: Sicilia, Taormina

 Inspired by the new SS 2016 Dolce & Gabanna “Italia is love” collection, the first ‘The Simone’ article will be a delight for the Italian-everything lovers! Vintage posters designs showcasing various Italian cities were printed on the the beautiful items for this collection. Applauds everyone because this wonderfulness has a knocking off feet effect! One of the dominating regions was the glamorous Sicilia and particularly spectacular town, Taormina, where we’ve spent our holidays couple of years ago. It has this lemony looks, liveIiness and all possibly perfect colours just as the new gorgeous D&G prints.

Likened with the Italian Monte Carlo but situated in a more spicy location right by the active Volcano Etna, Taormina is the place to be. Accessible only by cable cars Taormina’s town centre is in a dramaticly high location high up the mountain Monte Tauro. Extremelly steep and narrow streets leading up to the town are meant for local professionals and we don’t want to annoy lovely and relaxed folks there! Breathtaking views and enhancing atmosphere welcome tourists for many years now. The city centre is small but enough to be overwhelmed with what it has to offer. Folkloric museums, paintings exibitions, churches will not let any artist or art lovers down. The small town has magic all around by its preserved architecture, welcoming people and authenticity. For a more historical visit, tourist can head to the Teatro Greco, a greek amfitheatre, screeming out from an astonishing location overlooking the snowy volcano sitting by the Mediterrean sea. The view there is all on the palm for you.


The tourists need to be aware that Taormina is not lying-by-the-sea holiday destination because of its location for the ones wishing to stay in the town. However, the little pretty towns by the sea down the hill, are where people ejoy mediterrean beach pleaaures. Very open beach bars, reataurants and cafes greet you with coziness and exceptional hospitality. Isola Bella, Unesco World Innerited island, is a little pearl and the most popular place to visit around Taormina. Unbelievably see through and secluded pebbly beach leads to this heaven like little island with a mini castle in it that used to be a private propery. Imagine this!



If there is a hotel to stay by the beach, I could not recommend more the Lido Mediterranean for the authentic experience. It’s a real charm! It opens up right on the private beach with seaview rooms and flawless service. The advantage is it’s only a hill walk to the cable cars up to the Taormina’s town! A perfect adventure spending the day by the beach and enjoying Sicillian food up a ride to the town! That’s a life there.


Foodies will be excited to try the famous Sicillian cuisine and world’s fine wines. The top restaurant are situated high and overlook the sea. A perfect tip to head there and watch the sun going down to party Italian way! The dinner starts late, but never too late to try their specialties such as Pasta alla Norma, Sicillian pizza or crunch some cracky Buscottis and not forgetting to drawn your nose into Italian gelato.


Our fashionistas will be surprised by the variety of boutiques & shops in the main town’s street ‘Corso Umberto’. Prett little shops offer unique pieces and especiallly in summer. Italian is not just something is it?!


An ultimate retreat and unconditional love to Italian-way holiday. Can’t just deny – Sicilia is love, and Taormina is a muse.

With love,

The Simone

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