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21 Feb

Timothy Oulton: Blue Room, Los Angeles Athletic Club

The legendary Blue Room at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, the city’s oldest private members club reopens to newly renovated designs by Timothy Oulton.

Celebrating over one hundred years of heritage, the Los Angeles Athletic Club revealed its newly renovated Blue Room, designed by Timothy Oulton. With a rich history dating back to 1912, the private members club still remains a prominent cultural institution for the city and needed a new look interior to reflect the club’s heritage and authenticity. During the four week project, the design team were asked to transform the fourth floor conference room into a sophisticated lounge and bar, inspired by the original set of designs.

The project started with the removal of the false ceiling and old carpeting, permanently exposing the buildings pipework and cabling above that had been hidden away for centuries. Spray painting this newly exposed area black allowed the design to utilise the full height of the space whilst drawing attention down into the centre of the room. The original concrete floor was unearthed and polished to create the much loved edgy industrial look, a beautiful contrast to the rich heritage furniture and colourful detailing to fill the new lounge and bar. During the renovation, a hidden staircase was discovered, frozen in time, connecting the third and fourth floors together. This fascinating and surprising discovery was then incorporated into the final design, becoming the new entrance to the Blue Room. A trick bookcase in the third floor bar now opens up to this intriguing secret stairwell, where black walls are covered from floor to ceiling with framed photographs chosen from the club’s archives, each one sharing a unique part of the brand’s history.


Written by Martyn White

Simone Simona Stabinskaite