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22 May

The Modern Now | Steffen Schraut

Classic shapes, precise and modern cuts and trendy shades is what represent this international designer label Steffen Schraut. Caught up and guided by the new contemporary demands, this brand follows the modern cool ideas and empowers them in elegant, effortless yet luxurious designs.

Their collection ranges from a light and breezy shirt tops or tunics, to a good denim pairs or trendy overcoats. The very fine garments are the most important accent of Steffen Shraut’s designs. Pure cotton, stretch silk and sleek garments are complimenting each of their wonderful collection.

Whether you are looking for an off duty travel look or an impressively smart office outfit – Steffen Scraut items will have most of the fashion advices to you. With this designer label, you will be able to create the original, not repetitive and one of a kind look that will undoubtedly be guided by a good fashion sense.

A good example of a new modern cool look is pairing their top quality denim with a perfectly shaded navy longline vest. The denim, that cannot be called just an ordinary pair of denim but rather a striking pair of jeans with edgy zips complimenting the sides. We are reliving the classic and perfectly cut longline vest, which worked best to for a casual street style look or rocking your next travel adventures.

Create your new fashionable statement look with Steffen Schraut and get inspired by our edited pieces. Discover Steffen Schraut on: www.steffenschraut.com

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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