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1 Jun

Sustainable Footwear | Vivaia

Hello to everyone who likes shoes! And not only simple shoes but stylish and sustainable ones. We have an important appreciation message for sustainability supporters and footwear lovers today. Environmental consciousness is a hot dominating topic in today’s fashion worls as more and more brands commit to more sustainable responsibilities for the planet earth. Vivaia is one of the currently trending footwear brands that rock fashion headlines with its eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable footwear line. It offers a luxurious quality comfortable shoes that are made from recycled materials such as latex foam, wool, plastic bottles or vegan leather. Vivaia uses 3D technology and established a zero-waste production process with its seamless 3D knitted designs that bring absolute flexibility, comfort and stylishness to our wardrobes.

The Simone Magazine has picked two different styles from Vivaia to show you some fresh and cool styling ideas for this summer. The first pair is their classic Aria Natural Peach pointed-toe flats that are made from 6 plastic bottles, has a thick cut natural latex insole and is machine washable. The flats are extremely comfortable and have high tolerance to all feet kinds from high arched to wide. It is a beautiful and elegant pair to accompany most of your summer looks, starting from dresses to suits. We have dressed it up with a crisp white suit and a racing green bag for a relaxed yet chic summer look. The pair is available in many other vibrant and neutral colours to suit everyone’s taste or needs.

For the second pair we picked a more edgy pair of Marina Deep Ebony loafers in black and white that can add a real statement to any look. This pair beautifully combines elegance and trendiness in one and we have styled it with a black tailored wide-leg trousers and a racing green shirt. These loafers feature a stylish and softly knitted upper part that is made from six recycled plastic bottles – how genius is this idea? It also has natural herbal insoles that are super soft and hug your feet like a glove. If a pair of shoes can get any better, the rubber outsoles are also carbon-free. It can go perfectly with white and light summer dresses and barely feels like you wear anything on your feet. The design is very fine and the actual shoes are incredibly light.

Vivaia shoes come in beautifully packaged boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard. The brand conveniently offers free worldwide shipping and The Simone Magazine is able to offer an exciting extra 10% off with code SIMONE. The designs are very affordable yet will definitely stay in your wardrobe for several seasons.

Shop Vivaia shoes here and you will thank us later! They have a wide variety of flats, loafers, sneakers or even heels to choose from. It can be a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love and will be hard to not love! Shopping consciously is the new kind of Wishlist goal – shop with Vivaia now!

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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