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16 Jul

Summer Must Have Handbag | Toino Abel

Summer requires changing your regular leather handbags into more lightweight,  or even straw bags. Apparently straw bags are hitting the biggest trend this season thus you should definitely hun for one too. Today we are hunting for the ultimate summer bag that could carry us from the beach to the city. As versatile as it can be, Toino Abel Alice handbag is the queen of summer bags and were here to prove why.
Handwoven from an organic reed in Portugal, this little pretty creation deserves an art award not only for its artsy appearance but also for the sustainable materials. The handbag is adjusted with full vegetable tanned leather strap and closure, plus toxic-free metal pieces. Little ceramic handmade charm is also adorning the handbag to its finest final look. In short, Toino Abel is bringing us a top-class fashion directly from the Mother Nature. 
To prove the versatility of this extraordinary handbag, we have created 2 easy looks carrying you from the beach – to the city that won’t go unnoticed.
Fields of Gold Girl
Muted military green jumpsuit plays very well in the summer fields of gold or simply golden beaches. Toino Abel Alice handbag is blending in very well with its warm tones and a little bit louder red accent. Spacious enough to fit your bikini, favourite book and shoes, it will be your favourite handbag to take for a very long time.
Styling Tip: Be guided by the colour coordination of the Alice handbag and choose bright tones to wear with it: yellow, red or even the trustworthy white.
Fashion Expert look
Now let’s have a look how Toino Abel can serve an office outfit, or simply an evening cocktail hour. Thrown on a hyper bright red mini skirt suit, white shirt underneath and red mules for an ultimate colour coordination goals and march to the office on a sunny summer day. You will look original, sophisticated and most importantly super trendy.
Styling Tip: Best colour coordination for this outfit is red and white. Don’t be afraid to put on a white t-shirt and sneakers for a more street style fashionista vibe.
Discover unique Toino Abel handbags and treat yourself prior to your next sunny getaway. Shop here: www.toinoabel.com/shop/
Styled and edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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