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4 Jul

Summer Handbag | Nushki

Strolling to the beach? Heading off to lunch after a beach session? Ready to explore the city or small island towns and catch a sunset followed by a beautiful summer dinner? Which would be honoured to join your adventures this summer? Our choice is a beautiful and uniquely rounded bag by Nuski in black. Classics never gets old right?

Nushki is a very innovative handbags label that provides us with a wonderful range of minimalistic bags for our adventurous traveller’s souls. Each piece is carefully crafted from the highest quality leather by skilful and passionated artisans. Each piece is crafted with love, that is why, each piece proves to be the most timeless.
We have went for a classic and the most timeless handbag choice – a beautiful rounded black bag called ‘Hope’. It is a handbag designed for a modern nowadays women that is confident and loves to explore and discover. It is the handbag that can be styled in so many ways, one of which is combined with light and breezy dresses. We have tried to create a modern bohemic vibe, and chosen a natural linen dress to go with Hope bag that worked out to represent Nushki’s philosophy at it’s best. Pair it with denim shorts, oversized summer dresses and almost any colours – and you will find it as the most style friendly little cute handbag for your sunny days. Large enough to fit a purse, a cell and your favourite lipstick – Nushki handbag is the only handbag you need on your sunny days!
Shop Nushki at: www.nushki.co or follow the brand on: @nushki
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