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30 Nov

Stylish Timekeeper | Kapten & Son

We all like counting our time wisely and who blames us for that? Our lifestyles becoming extremely busy and captivating these days and the one and only accessory that can help us keep up with time smart, is a beautiful timekeeper. Thanks to Kapten and Son, who offers beautiful accessories for both men and women, time has never been more stylish to count. And especially these days, when all we do is wait for the magical time of the year.. The philosophy behind Kapten and Son is a a pure wanderlust for adventurous souls. Their range of watches, interchangeable straps and now even backpacks are made with love for the ones who love to travel in comfort and style. With this note, we are sending postcards from Paris, the city of love with the feminine golden Joy Mesh & a very masculine Chrono. P.s This incredible brand has now released some beautiful festive straps to match your party looks! Now could you think of a better Christmas present than a stunnign and sparkly watch?!Discover and shop Kapten & Son at: www.kapten-son.com

Edited by simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis

Location: Palais-Royal, Paris, France

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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