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20 Dec

Stylish Eyewear | Krewe

Who said you do not need sunglasses in winter? Of course you do, and they are an absolute must! Not only they are great style accessories but also protects you from the very dangerous UV in winter that are treated to be just as dangerous as in winter. Today we are excited to introduce an absolutely millenial sunglasses label Krewe designed to serve trendy and unique souls who are brave enough to pull on their loud eyewear. Featured by many celebrities such as Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and many more, Krewe is recognised as the quality providing independed and original eyewear label. Beautiful sunglasses range is also complimented by the stylish opticals selection. Brilliant quality outshines their extraordinary designs, and today we are proud to showcase just a couple of their stunning gems: the Stella 24K Iris hand-made sunglasses with custom metal rim wire which is plated with 24K gold; and the beautiful Royal Zulu +18K Titanium optical glasses. Both designs are the inevitable additions to style and well being. All glasses are super leightweight and an absolute pleasure to wear!

Iris Stella 24K

Royal Zulu +18K Titanium

Update your eyewear with Krewe. Discover the brand and shop here: www.krewe.com

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