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23 Apr

Skincare Routine | Eisenberg Paris

With such a high variety of products skincare products in the market, we tend to experiment more and mix them in our routine. However, we could not highlight enough the importance of sticking to one range or brand of products at a time. But how to know which brand and which products you need? Today we will guide you through the luxury of the Eisenberg Paris skincare products and explain why you should be using it.

When it comes to skincare, French beauty secrets can work miracles to your skin. Eisenberg Paris has been born with innovative ideas of the founder Jose Eisenberg, who with the help of modern technologies introduced and patented the Trio -Molecular Formula that works to perfectionise your skin. And here is a story of 5 essential products by Eisenberg that will work its magic to a flawless and glowing skin.

  1. Cleanse – Cleansing Make-up Removing Gel

First and the most important step of your skincare is a proper cleanse for two reasons: You must cleanse to remove all pollution and make-up in order to not clog your pores; all of the other products absorb deeper into your skin if done so. Eisenberg Cleansing Make-up Removing Gel deletes all the impurities with its grapefruit and horehound extracts. Its soft texture works into your skin gently and leaves your skin feeling toned and velvety.

2. Mask Treatment – Firming and Remodelling Mask

Feeding your skin is as important as feeding your body. Regular masks are one of the essential steps in your routine that will not only recover your skin but also protect it from ageing. Luckily, Eisenberg introduces a daily treating and remodelling mask that provides you an instant lifting, firming and plumping effect. It promotes firmness and minimises your wrinkles. Nevertheless, it can be used every day for 5 minutes, or can be kept 15 min for an ultimate results.

3. Use Serum Gel – Youth Elixir

Prepping your skin before moisturising can benefit your skin from extra glow and illumination. I believe every women goal is to work on your skin to look as silky as possible, and Eisenberg introduces just the right products for that. Their Youth Elixir is a radiance boosting gel with that contains biotechnological extract of Dunaliella Salina algae that stimulates the renewal of cells. Not only it has Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea extracts but also has a power of Hayluronic Acid that all help to lift your skin for an illuminating effect and removing all fatigue signs.

4. Moisturise – Purifying Emulsion

Lastly, prepare your skin for the day with lots of moisture. Eisenbegr Paris Purifying Emulsion is perfect for imperfect Combination/Oily skin because it helps to mattify, reduce the pores and pimple marks. The Essential Oil of Lemon peel is the key ingredient that purifies, detoxifies and works as an antiseptic. All that you need to improve your skin’s appearance in all possible ways.

5. Spray some perfume  – Secret II Jardin Des Sens

Eisenberg takes care of our spiritual well being with a beautiful line of THE LATIN ORIENTAL fragrances. All uniquely scented and beautifully represented to begin your day centred and in a positive mood.  Secret II Jardin Des Sens is a perfect scent for spring summer. A subtle citrus and fruit tones jones woody notes of Sandalwood and Cedar that aligns to a vanilla finishing. It is a scent that awakens your senses and brings your mind to the walks by the Mediterranean gardens. Lush scent to perfect your day.

Discover your perfect line of skincare products according to your skin type and dive into the unique fragrance line with Eisenberg. Shop your youth here:  www.eisenberg.com

Edited by Simone Stabinskaite


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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