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8 Jan

SOI – Ski Obsess Impress

If there is a better winter activity, it must definitely be some skiing. Not only it is a great sport but also healthy and can be very addictive. Even though winter fashion can be pretty challenging, and especially if you aim to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time.


Winter fashion has a lot to offer. Whether you are a snowboarding chic or a skiing queen, we are proud to represent an impressive ski fashion label – SOI – Ski Obsess Impress! SOI offers a wide range of extremely stylish luxury ski sportswear starting from fashionable one-piece jumpsuits to separate warm pieces for your own styling. The suits are made of the highest technology functional materials and the tailoring is slim fit and perfectly adaptable. The professional SOI team can help you choose the right size and or you can use their accurate size gide to to pick the right fitting for your body height and shape.



The philosopphy behind the label is to provide luxurious, stylish and chic skiwear for your loved winter getaway in the mountains. SOI aims to create the eye catching sportswear that looks unique and impressive. It aims to compliment feminine lines with its precise and comfortable cuts for the obsessive slopes look!



Once tried, it will be the suit of your dreams! Surrender to the winter pleasures and look top stylish on slopes with SOI. Shop your outfit for your next winter holiday at www.skiobsessimpress.com or follow them for active inspiration on Instagram @ski_obsess_impress

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Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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