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25 Mar

Scandinavian Interior Inspiration | Dunelm

Scandinavian sense of interior design has been marked by its simple and practical aesthetics. Warm and neutral tones are the key in creating the cosy nordic atmosphere in your home and our aim was to create an easy and effective Scandinavian living room. If you are wondering where to shop for the best Scandi interior pieces, we recommend thinking further than Ikea. Dunelm has a wide range and up to date Scandinavian inspired furniture to make your home lush and welcoming. Here is quick dining room idea for your space. The key tone was to use a lot of oak and beige to create the perfect harmony amongst all of the pieces. The Natural Oak Dining Table is beautifully accompanied with matching Scandi Oak Upholstered Chairs. To set the contrast and add a bit of vintage feel to the rather modern furniture, we styled up the set with a Traditional Beige Carpet. I you are not that much into art, the walls can be easily decorated with some romantic posters,. preferably in oak frame. Also – do not leave your space without some green touch. A simply and delicate indoor palm tree can make a big difference and add extra cosiness. It will also match the wood and bring s dash of summery feel to your home.
Discover a wide range of stylish furniture for your home at Dunelm. Shop here:  www.dunelm.com
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