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28 Jul

Santorini From Above | Choose Yafy



Wondering how to spicy up your vacation or looking for an exciting present to surprise your special ones? Helicopter ride can be one of a lifetime experience and definitely adds unforgettable thrilsl to your heart. Today we will explore Santorini from above with Choose Yafy, who design personalised holidays on Santorini. Choose Yafy is a highly skilled team of professionals that can help you plan your holiday starting from accommodation to a private boat or helicopter tours. 
One of the most luxurious services Choose Yafy can offer is a private helicopter tours around Santorini Island. If you think Santorini  is scenic enough from the ground, let’s experience it from above. The helicopter tour lasts for up to 20min over the enchanting caldera and you can choose the most desirable time of the day for you, either it is during an early morning rise or the most romantic sunset. Your highy-trained pilot will be there to guide you and ensure you have the most pleasant and safe tour. 
With a profound 18 years of experience in Hospitality and especially in aviation, Choose Yafy can assure that safety is their top priority. Owning several different helicopter types, Choose Yafy will choose you the most suitable one according to your needs and customise the most memorable flight.
Experience Santorini thrills from above and make your holiday even more special. Book with Choose Yafy www.chooseyafy.com
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