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24 Mar

Rustic Bedroom Decor | Lombok

Bored and uninspired with your current bedroom space? Today we are going to give you some fresh and urban interior inspirations for your sleeping area with urban rustic decor from Lombok – an ultimate interior store for exclusive handcrafted furniture to your home.

Lombok is well known for its dark teak furniture pieces and its concern to the environment. The brand promotes the use of reclaimed woods to a more kind and sustainable way of living.

Today we are decorating our bedroom space with their signature Baxter Collection and picked up a stylish and inviting Baxter Bedroom Bedside Table (that is currently on sale here) alongside with a super spacious Baxter Bedroom Drawers. Both items are made from reclaimed teak and antiqued metal.  The soft wood colour added extra warmth to the area while the metal details finished decor with dash of urbanity.

At Lombok you can also find extraordinary lightning and other accessories for your home such as throws, cushions and mirrors.

Staying home will never be more cosy and rustic bedroom decor definitely helps to add a little charm to any bedroom. Upgrade your home decor with Lombok now! Shop here: www.lombok.co.uk

Styled and Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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