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5 Feb

PureLeaf | Jewellery

Extraordinary, inspiring and unique. This is how we could describe the innovative Danish jewellery label PureLeaf. Screaming at the modern millennial women, this brand offers jewellery that is a real piece of art and tells a story.



For this month’s campaign, The Simone has taken PureLeaf to the city in the Middle East, where strong cultural values meet luxury and modernity – Dubai.


The philosophy behind the label is about creating sustainable hand crafted jewellery that would not only be fashionable statement accessory but also environmental friendly. Inspired by lush Brazilian rainforests and tropical plants, PureLeaf uses only natural resources in their jewellery production. Each fierce and passionate design represents different kind of tropical leaf. Each piece is carefully and responsibly handmade and goes through a precise creative process. That is why their designs concept is so outstanding, confident and fashion forward.



The production story begins in collecting organic resources somewhere on the Brazilian coastline or Amazon rainforests. The leafs are then carefully skeletonised and covered with finest quality 18K gold. Just like the thought of that tropical part of the world can take your mind away, PureLeaf is also proudly making a statement with their impressive creations. In the end, it turns out to be the jewellery which has a meaning and history.




We all know jewellery can be a little intimate but with PureLeaf’s exquisite taste and delicacy we have no doubts in wearing their brave pieces. From chunky to a more minimal and slim designs, the collection embodies strong fashion sense and refinery.



Forget subtlety and seek inspiration in PureLeaf jewellery or the way The Simone edits their luxurious Anel Renda Portuguesa ring and Cerrado Tres Gotas earrings.



Leaf it up with PureLeaf or follow on Instagram @pureleafcph


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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