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17 Oct

Premium Knitwear | Maï

We must admit knitwear is one of the most game changing apparel for fall and winter. When the degrees are dropping down we all rush to bring our beloved pieces back into the shelves or hunt for a new inspiring sweaters. High street shops as well as social media lovers roll up their sleeves to styling and creating cosy shots in those golden autumn backdrops. With that note, we rush into introducing you with premium Belgian knitwear brand Maï. It is the brand that produces the most stylish chunky knitwear and fulfils our lives with the finest mohair wool and silk mix knitwear designs. From roll necks to stylish cardigans, Maï’s sense for fashion is beautifully represented in their stunning colour palette: delicious shades of pinks, whites or caramels serve as the ultimate must have colour for a luxe wardrobe.

Today we are styling a beautiful cosy cardigan for a British autumn in a dreamy violet shade that is having a serious come back for Spring Summer 2018. Not only we found Maï designs weekend appropriate but also luxurious enough to wear as a gown over a silky dresses or bare shoulders.

For a maximum effect of revealing Maï designs at its finest glory, colours coordinate the whole outfit. Play with textures. Finish the bottoms with a light washed denim and add a matching pair of pointed suede heels. To secure your chic outfit choose a mini statement bag in red tone. And here are few postcards from London of how to rock wonderful Maï knitwear in fall.

Discover the brand on www.mai-belgium.com

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