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15 Feb

Peggy Hartanto | NOW designer

Welcome to the special article featuring the wonderful, different and game changing designer’s Peggy Hartanto dress. Strong fashion sense, unusual prints and mixture of the bravest colours describes this Indonesian designer’s collection. The high-end ready to wear label offers characteristic pieces for nowadays modern women.

It is not difficult to notice the touch of luxury and refinery in the featured dress. If you need a special piece to make a fashion statement for your day or evening look – we encourage you to try Peggy Hartanto. You will get a neat and glamorous effect, just don’t forget to add heels.

Styled exclusively for the lavish Dubai surroundings, here we are have Peggy Hartanto chevron print bare shoulder dress paired with a deep blue mid height heels and a white mini handbag. Quite a nice pairing, right? Worked out perfectly for a dinner night out in the United Arab Emirates.

Indulge yourself in the looks of NOW with Peggy Hartanto. Check out more on Peggy Hartanto or follow in Instagram @peggyhartanto


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