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12 Dec

Party Look 2 | Christmas Green

We believe people get locked up in black and white outfits so much these days, that they often forget there are so many beautiful colours to dress up festive and exceptional. Today we are promoting colour green, which has been selected the colour of the year  2017 by Pantone. Lively and vibrant colour which is not only considered as the colour of nature but the colour of life.  Thus, why again to wear black? This is absolutely not necessary and The Simone magazine encourages you to dress in ALL-GREEN this festive season. Be courageous and brave to experiment. Green is an absolutely easy colour to wear, which also goes perfectly with black. Exclusively to this fast approaching and already happening Christmas period, we represent a great all-green velvet party look inspiration for the festive Christmas Period!
Styling tips: As mentioned, green goes very well with black. You can never go wrong adding black shoes to this look but do not forget to make a contrasting statement by picking a shining accessories. A handbag and sparkling earring will be the best choice. We have added a shining silver handbag and absolutely recommend you investing in this party accessory. Either it is in silver, or in gold, there could not be more ‘Decemberish’ colours on the market! For the sparkly earrings, we choose a hanging gold earrings which looks super great with hair sleeked back or in a pony tail!
Et Voila, you are ready to rock the neck party in a different and not repetitive look! Trust us, you will be asked where you came up with your outfit idea…
Green Velvet Top // Loavies
Green Velvet Trousers // Loavies
Black ankle boots // Daniel Footwear
Handbag // Buti
Earrings // Loavies
Styled and edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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