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24 Nov

Paris Street Style with Firetrap

To have a cool street look has never been more crediting than these days. Whether we are running errands in London city or going away for a romantic getaway to Paris, looking effortless, chic yet sexy is a must requirement. For this week, we are pinpointing the way how to streetstyle in a modern and uncompromising way with British brand Firetrap.

Firetrap has been around in the industry since 1993, supplying us with their industrial, edgy and that a little bit rock & roll taste throughout their collections. It is a creative brand that is loved by many rebellious souls and appreciated for their individualism. Firetrap collections include stylish items from beautiful leather jackets to plenty of causal or off duty outfits. It is much easier to street style when we have a mixture of classic and sporty apparel for that perfectly balanced millennial look.
We have upped the volume back on leather biker jackets, skinny leather-alike trousers, white oversized shirt and a black ankle boots combination for that perfect daily Parisienne vibe and got exactly the effect we were aiming for. And here are some closer details. Let’s start from the bottom this time, leaving the ultimate Firetrap Burgundy jacket of all jackets for the dessert!
We know you love your ankle boots and we’ve noticed Firetrap knows how practical ladies shoes should look like. Sleek leather upper, elegant chunky heel et voila the first trick for a supermodel feels.
Secondly, we go with the Firetrap Blackseal leather looking leggings, which are as soft as stretchy as no other pair you have ever worn. With the help of these leggings & their black ankle boots mix we are co alimenting our height at the fullest. 
To create the effortless dressing look, we are pairing the bottoms with an oversized, white & crisp cotton shirt. We love this plain yet roomy design that gives that masculine effect yet hides the chic Parisienne underneath. 
Finally and to spicy things up, we are edging the whole outfit up with the famous Firetrap Biker Jacket in Burgundy with the brand that is expert in. You can see that is not just an ordinary jacket. Beautiful feminine embelishements adorn the back of the jacket creating the mysterious rocking’n roll look. In the end, it only compliments the whole apparel and with some other accessories, such as Baer boy hat and chic back, you have an ultimate millennial Parisiene look at any time of the year!
Be modern cool with Firetrap and shop their items at www.firetrap.com
Styled and edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Location: Paris
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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