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8 May

Paradisal Mohair Knitwear | Maï Belgium

While everybody is talking summer and new beachwear items, we have something more alluring and sensitive today. Question of the day – what would you consider as the best summer cover up for a long and breezy sunset evening? For us, it is a light pair of knitwear. With a thrill we are pleased to represent a paradisal knitwear brand Maï Belgium. Lightness is not even a word to describe their soft and effortless designs as it feels like you are wearing the prettiest cloud…

Knitwear has been significantly elevated from its sleeps recently, thus there is no better time to invest in piece. Maï Belgium offers us exquisite quality handmade knitwear and we must highlight it is not just a simple knitwear. Produced from a premium mohair wool and silk, Maï Belgium designs are the softest you may have ever worn..

A few essential designs and pastel shades for easy spring or summer nights vary throughout their collection. Our edit pick is their short oversized cardigan in crisp white that can be played as the greatest style champion. Chunky knit and oversized look create a super cosy and extraordinary feel.

  To prove we all need knitwear in warm season, The Simone Magazine has taken Maï Belgium to Santorini – an eternal island of sunshine, blues and crisp white architecture. The white cardigan seemed to strikingly blend in the in romantic vibes whilst drowning in pink sunsets. Super lightweight design is extremely style friendly and matches well with maxi dresses or jumpsuits. Not only it looks luxurious but it also is the kind of item you will fall in love with.


Order the most stylish and softest Maï Belgium knitwear on www.mai-belgium.com or follow the brand on their creative Instagram @ mai_belgium

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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