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4 Mar

Pamper Sunday | Self Skincare

What is your favourite day of the week to relax and pamper your body? For us, it is Sunday. Not only it is another day of the weekend, but also a perfect day to prepare yourself for another tiring business week. Today, we have an absolutely luscious and award winning beauty label Self that offers pure natural and cruelty free products.

Self is a luxuriously fresh and innovative beauty label that is focused on sensitive, dry and problematic skin. Not only it strives to provide us with high quality products but also cares after our skin with 100% natural ingredients. As hard as it can be to find a label as such these days, Self is here to add that extra natural luxury to our everyday lives. From heavenly smelling day to night creams, and from essential oxygen boosting scrubs to the miraculously effective body care, Self can become your ultimate beauty bible.

We could not highlight enough the importance to exfoliate your face. Why not to start your morning with the awakening Self gacial scrub. It removes the dead scells of your face leaving it supremely nourished and radiant. Following up with their light All Day Dreamer day cream that is suitable for even sensitive skin, will be your natural hlow secret. We love their paraben free ingredients that are against all kind of allergic reactions. Remember, it is important to invest in your natural beauty these days!

Discover and invest into your new natural beauty remedies with Self products. Browse and shop your must haves at www.naturalself.eu/en/ and follow the brand on their inspiring Instagram @natural.self

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