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12 Jun

Venice: An Eternal Island of Romace

If there is a city island where the delicate 16th century architecture meets its paradisiacal conditions of living on water – it is the one and only Venice. Surrounded and guarded by its sister lagoon islands that are not less unique, Venice still holds it all: history, authenticity and traditions. Enchanting with its intriguingly furrowed canals and magnificent squares with marble palaces that used to only be approachable by water, it is inevitably one of the most iconic landmark. Luxury hotels or private apartments situated right on the canals and royal gondola rides through mysteriously narrow passageways or even the legendary Grand Canal, is what most attracts tourist from all parts of the world. Venice spirit lays deep in the traditions. You will get...
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11 Jun

Cove London Jewellery

The Simone finds it thrilling to discover unique jewellery labels. Since summer has arrived in full, there isn't a better time to showcase your jewels. We are glad to represent Cove London – an extraordinary jewellery brand, whose exquisite collection is gathered from the finest and talented designers from all around the world. The featured gold vermeil Charlotte Cuff is just one example of how exclusive their jewellery selection is. It is a stunning 22K gold vermeil plated statement piece studded with grey chalcedony gemstones. Ideal arm candy to add to a hot summer day or dinner night out. You’re definitely not going to be missed wearing Cove London jewellery. Shop exclusively at: https://covelondon.com/ or follow on Instagram @cove_london ...
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5 Jun

Daniel Wellington

Planning to add a new time keeper to your accessories library? The classic Daniel Wellington watches are on a real trend point! Minimalistic yet refined and innovative designs come in both silver and rose gold are all exclusively crafted with quality and precision. Their wide selection of stylish leather or nylon straps will find a match to any fashion taste. It can definitely be rated as the most sophisticated and affordable signature IT timepieces for any season. The featured Classic Sheffield super slim watch in rose gold is an effortless style champion. You will love and see its diverse journey from any casual day to a more formal night events. We can assure it is a non-regrettable time counter you can ever...
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5 Jun

Venice Outfit Part 1: Marsala Jumpsuit

Tired of super skinny jeans, The Simone decided to get away to the romantic island of Venice with a classic wide-leg burgundy jumpsuit. Being on a hot trend this season, this very modern and chic silhouette seemed perfect for the romantic long walks between the canals. Not only it is a functional one piece item that saves worries what else to wear, but also stands out as an ideal holiday 2016 item! Heavy metal chocker holding a deep cut at the front and an absolute bare back are best parts and definitely provide glamour to the whole look. If you like to make extravagant statements, this particular jumpsuit style might be just for you. Silky material and an elastic waist create...
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29 May

Luxury Travel: Santorini

Dreaming of immersing yourself into the whites and blues? The Simone has something special for you! Santorini is the top fairytale destination 2016 and we are happy to share some secrets with you. Famous for engagements and honeymoons, Santorini is screaming with its breathtaking Caldera scenery, wild nature and the perfectly white, topped up with blue architecture. Today, this idyllic and dreamy island is the top luxury destination, attracting crowds from all over the world for the million dollar landscape. This authentically small Greek-island is the remains of the massive volcanic eruption that occured 3,600 years ago. Tourists can still see the top of the crater from its surrounding mainland, and lovers can appreciate why this romantic destination is so popular...
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19 May

Santorini Stripes – No.3

If there is a better holiday clothes pattern – it definitely is stripes! The Simone chose the classic black & white stripy jumpsuit-looking set, when in fact it is a crop top and high-waisted shorts! Even better decision as it can be mixed & matched to release ones creative fashion personality! In general, jumpsuits & high waisted shorts should be on top of your holiday items and especially for Santorini! Challenging hills and cobbled steep streets require special comfort in movement! For white addicted, the black & white stripy pattern will benefit from the best shots against white Santorini backgrounds. And what could be better than the panama straw hat? Classy! To finish off, add a pair of platform shoes...
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18 May

Eminentes Paris

The Simone was delighted to discover this absolutely unique French label Eminentes Paris, which offers extraordinary and stylish jewellery and accessories. Our eyes have been caught on the featured creative watch. Isn’t the watch most essential day to day accessory? Not only it guides you through the day and night but can also be a great adornment to your style. The black bicycle animated on its dial calculates your precious minutes with smile and style. It is a perfect example of how to add some fun and originality to your accessories. Innovation should be the new inspiration for trendy ladies. You can also count your time with style – browse and shop at: http://www.eminentes.com/#!home/b5o4f and follow them on their gorgeous...
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11 May

Daisy Dixon Watches

Need a new watch? Check out the wide range of excellent and innovative time-counters at Daisy Dixon! Their collection offers timeless and elegant watches to suit everyones taste at very affordable prices. The featured gold Mesh time-keeper is a perfect chic choice for any occasion. The white dial, embellished with large crystal hour markers create quite an extravagant look suitable for both everyday wear or a stylish night off at the weekend. The smooth stainless steel strap perfectly wraps around and adapts to your wrist. You won't be disappointed with the quality either, although, keeping it out of the water will help its longevity. Would you like to add this refined watch to your IT accessories list? Shop here: www.daisy-dixon.com and follow...
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3 May

Santorini Outfit No. 2 – Summer Whites

White addicted and travelling to Santorini? You can't go wrong choosing Colgate-white floaty boho dress! The Simone matched it with a black narrow belt with golden buckle details and black embellished pearl espadrilles - make sure to own pair this summer! Topping it off with a classic white summery straw hat and a pastel pink golden chain handbag - all ready to discover tiny cobbled streets of Oia! A note that it's worth choosing the brightest white dress because blinding white Santorini backgrounds can be hard to compete for your stunning pictures! Although, choosing white against legendary Santorini blues is a must catch! Don't forget that Santorini is famous engagement and honeymoon destination, thus how it is without whites?! Hat: Three...
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