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2 May

Modern Sicilian Girl | OOTD

That delicious Italian lifestyle can really get stuck into our minds easily. Warm people, best food and bright fashion is what we are looking for during the hot season. What would you wear if you were going to Sicily? Today we are sharing an inspiringly bright and brave look of a modern Sicilian girl. Citrus tones are strongly dominating throughout this perfect island, thus going there without some yellows is just a bad idea! We have chosen to style yellow wide leg trousers, however, if you are a skirts person - yellow midi skirt will work heavenly too. We have worked through the high waisted yellow trousers and paired it with an oversized vertically striped shirt with ballon sleeves. Reinvented shirt...
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23 Apr

Skincare Routine | Eisenberg Paris

With such a high variety of products skincare products in the market, we tend to experiment more and mix them in our routine. However, we could not highlight enough the importance of sticking to one range or brand of products at a time. But how to know which brand and which products you need? Today we will guide you through the luxury of the Eisenberg Paris skincare products and explain why you should be using it. When it comes to skincare, French beauty secrets can work miracles to your skin. Eisenberg Paris has been born with innovative ideas of the founder Jose Eisenberg, who with the help of modern technologies introduced and patented the Trio -Molecular Formula that works to perfectionise...
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15 Apr

Spring Florals | Chicwish

Florals are never a bad idea, especially in spring. Today we are looking into a recent maxi dresses trend and diving into deep floral patters with Chicwish. Youthful, elegant and femininity revealing maxi dresses can looks particularly appealing and yes, sexy. Short skirts are no longer an attraction. How to wear a wrap around maxi floral dress? Spring is still a great season to rock your over the knee booties for there last time. Pull them on, add a cute mini bag, preferably in bright colour and the fresh breeze of spring will blow some airy refreshing elevation into your look. Chicwish is especially famous for gathering the most wanted and affordable seasonal pieces. Update your spring wardrobe now! Shop at: www.chicwish.com Dress...
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8 Apr

Minimal Jewellery Trend | Lucky Eyes

While chunky vintage Jewels are all over the hughstreet stores, what about the shy days when all you need is a small minimal piece to make you feel better. Inspired by meaningful symbols, Lucky Eyes jewellery is a perfect destination for the low-key and delicate jewellery suitable for your everyday wear. Sparkly, inspiring and playful - it will simply steal your heart. We gathered 3 different minimalistic combinations with Lucky Eyes jewellery for your every day London life. Starting from long walks in Notting Hills and leading to the city skyline life at the weekends.  A Day in Notting Hill As colourful as it can be, these pieces will be adored by colourful style and exotic surroundings lovers. Little...
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4 Apr

Bright Outfit Ideas | Yellow

Say hello to yellow! The best way to get over the cold weather is to splash some colours into your wardrobe. The one colour we can assure will be taking over white this warm season is yellow. Not only it is a happy colour but also stands out great both in clothes and accessories. Tonal dress it, or mix it with earthy tones and it will lead you through Summer 2018 in head turning style. Today we are experimenting in all-yellow outfit for an off-duty city look. We have paired wide leg trousers with a casual bold sweater and added a caramel shaded handbag. Feel free to put on blush pink sneakers or simply loafers with this outfit and the look...
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2 Apr

Luxury Custom Handbags | Laudi Vidni

Bespoke designs are as ever reaching the height of popularity. Whether it is clothes, shoes or simply interior, it is great to know there are brands that are willing to meet your highest wishes and needs. Today we are drawing attention to the unique bespoke designer handbags brand Laudi Vidni, who not only provides with your dream handbags but also has a strong sense of fashion and sophistication. As runaways are being filled with bright colours this season, Laudi Vidni introduces us with a wide selection of leathers, shapes and shades for even the most ambitious fashionistas. This particular season, The Simone Magazine is particularly promoting colourful accessories wear and diving into the hues of yellow. From small leather goods to beautiful...
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28 Mar

Best Spring Heels | Daniel Footwear

Best heels for spring 2018? Do not start thinking high, as the lows can master too! Kitten heels are conquering highstreet shops for many reasons. Firstly, they are climbing their way back from the 80's because they deserve to and secondly, they are the most comfortable and ladylike heels there are. Today we are drawing some inspiration on how to wear and style kitten heels in a fun and colourful way. Having picked out a wonderul pair of shoes from a great designer shoe label Daniel Footwear, we are as always impressed by the quality in the first instance. Soft leather and sleek detailing is just the first yet the best part of Daniel Footwear. The Blue Leather Bow Sling Back...
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27 Mar

Magenta Trousers | SS18

If you can choose new pair of trouserxs, you simply can't be loosing going bright this season. Anything from magnolia pink to lilac is the right colour paletter to wear this spring. Easy to match with other candy colours, you will be surprised how well and head turning it might look! Today we are styling magenta pink trousers with bright accessories and here is how we do it. Firstly, let's have a look into the best colour match with this bright pink shade. Colour match with magenta pink: green, yellow, orange, burgundy red. All of the colours that you may be resisting to wear previously, are the new millennial craves which yu should be considering adding into your wardrobe. If you are not...
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22 Mar

Beauty Update | Valmont

Looking after our face skin, especially with age, becomes one of the main skincare routines. With so many products in the market, how do we know which ones are the best for us? When it comes to foundation, a lot of it depends on the quality of the ingredients and unfortunately, most of them out there are not comolimenting our aging skin. However, the game changing Swiss skincare brand Valmont is here to prove that foundation can be extremelly perfecting with their special Perfecting Powder Cream.The Valmont Perfecting Powder Cream is an extraordinary found. It is the foundation that helps to even out the skin tone with its anti-aging features. Not only it gives a flawless radiant finish but also...
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12 Mar

Must Have Handbags | Winter & Co

Some of us like to collect shoes or accessories, and some of us have a strong crush for handbags. Today we would like to review 2 must have handbags of all times by Winter & Co, who is a sophisticated label providing great quality and elegant leather accessories for every busy ladies needs.  Classic Day Black Handbag A sleek and simple black handbag that is super spacious and especially appreciated by office ladies is the signature design of Winter & Co. Not only it is the most wanted design despite the season but also the most classy. Fitting all of your daily belongings including laptop it still manages to compliment your look with its polished design. It is the only design you...
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