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2 Feb

Weekend Uniform | Chicwish

Who does not love mixing some tailoring with the good old and favourited pair of jeans? Weekend uniform has never been more positive and bright with the love for some green velvet. Today our task is to style the green velvet blazer for an ultimate weekend look. One of the favourite online clothing stores for the most youthful and chic items has  always been Chicwish and we are dedicating this post to one of their very special and outstanding piece.Amongst the overwhelming list of attention grabbing items, our eyes firstly stop by the sleek green blazer, which is not only in green but also in velvet. Apparently, stylish for any kind of season, this green blazer is a real statement...
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1 Feb

The Mandeville Hotel | London

Thinking of a short city break for Valentine's Day? You know what they say.. London is always a great idea! With its urban, busy yet thrilling lifestyle, you can find thousands of things to do and relax in one of the beautiful hotels in Central London. It is the city that offers a perfect combination of sightseeing, dinning and nightlife. Today we are stopping by at one of the most well kept luxury boutique hotel The Mandeville right in the heart of Marylebone.Nestling right off the road from Bond Street, the most popular shopping area, The Mandeville Hotel lays perfectly on a quiet street between Victorian buildings and away from the shopping hustles yet close enough to walk by. Impeccable...
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31 Jan

Office Ideas | Jo & Judy

Bored with your office desk or decorating your new home? Each of us spend the majority of our days at work, thus creating the right environment is really important. Whether is is simply adding a plant, or finding the right diary to keep your tasks going, it is all going to help you move through your busy days. We are looking no further and browsing for some  home office interior inspiration from the motivating and innovative stationery and lifestyle brand Jo and Judy. Their creation of the pretty little and colourful things is only getting better with the new release of their Green Collection with the tropical vibes. Including greenery in your home is found extremely enchanting and relaxing and is...
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29 Jan

How to Wear Orange | Editor’s Note

For someone’s admiration it might be the colour to love or hate yet today's topic is about wearing and loving orange. The colour that is so deeply cherished by Hermes, is to be taken seriously this season. If you are being daunted by not knowing were to start styling this colour - we are here to share some tricks ant tips! Styling Tip No.1 - White vs. Orange Colour coding is not the easiest task to do for an everyday life. That must be one of the reasons people get locked up wearing black very often. But think simple. Everyone has to love wearing white and the advantage here - there isn’t a shade that could possibly go wrong with it.  Now, see...
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15 Jan

Blush Pink Hues | Editor’s Note

Evening lovely poeple! Monday - No goodbyes and no sorrows for the lost weekend. We are here to spread some positive aroma of the the new and fresh week with grand motivation, passion for life and po-si-tive vibes! With that note, and from now on, I will be sharing even more ideas on how to dress colourful in the upcoming months. With that said, here is a quick Monday outfit inspiration promoting to wear more colours in 2018, and this time it is all about blush pink and burgundy reds. The ultimate root and the thorough goal of The Simone Magazine has been to inspire ladies to wear more diverse and colourful outfit combinations, thus we are not letting go of...
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30 Dec

New Year with Kapten & Son

Let's travel in time where another beautiful year kicks in your heals with new expectations, new dreams and new goals. Have you reached your goals for 2017? Are you purely satisfied with what you have achieved? Have you traveled a lot? Or perhaps you have worked a lot and are ready to celebrate the grand New Year in sparkle sand style? If you have your party dress waiting for you, what we have today is some festive time keepers from Kapten and Son to match. It is the brand who understands what adventurous and dreamy souls wish. It is the brand who suprised us with their minimal and inspirational watches. They are creative, they are unique and they hold a...
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29 Dec

Stylish Glasses at Pret a Voir

If you're yet in doubt, today we are here to prove that four-eyes can be really trendy! It is all about minimal, sleek metal frames, lightweight  and bareley visible glasses. Not only they can make your style look more lively but also be greatest accessories. On that note, Preta Voir is here to offer us a delicious range of designer sunglasses ans opticals. Their neverending list of high-end designer glasses is filled with stylish and modern eyewear for more than affordable prices! If you are lost in between the high street optical stores, whose selection is usually more than limited, getting nervous and cannot find the right and trendy pair of glasses to wear for everyday, in the office or...
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27 Dec

Suit Up with Suistudio

An instant coolness will be awarded to those women who do not hesitate to wear pants this season. 2018 is predicted to be the new era for trousers lovers and even more special for those who adore suits. Yes, ladies in suits can be really sexy and Yves Sain Laurent made the right decision releasing Le Smoking Tux in 70's. From street style to red carpet, coordinated suit is the classiest choice you can make, thus we are glad to be diving into the never-ending styles with SUISTUDIO. It is the fabulously classy womenswear label specialising in women's tailoring helping to form  that millenial business lady look. Finest tailoring, coats, knitwear and other party essentials pleasantly invites you to convert...
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27 Dec

New Year’s Eve Dress | Michael Costello

Are you still struggling to find the perfect New Year's Eve dress and the shops are already sold out? No more worries and we are here to remind you about the super stylish online clothing destination REVOLVE. Famous for its loud, chic and feminine outfits it brings out the best collaborations for the Holiday season too. Revolve has very recently launched a special party collection with celebrity designer Michael Costello and on this occassion we are showcasing the pretty little golden sequin dress for the last day of the 2017! Showing just the right amount of body, this little dress is made to shine in. Sequin details throughout, appealing splits and exaggerated bell sleeves make it inevitable cries to own...
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