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25 Jul

Off-Duty Summer Look | The White Top

White tops of any kind are the best wardrobe purchases in general. Starting from white tees to white shirts, they are the most used items at anytime-anywhere. Not only they can be styled in hundreds different ways but always look classy, neat and forever trendy. What type of white tops are trendy this summer? Apparently, the more ‘wow’ they are the better. This time, we must have in mind exaggerated and puffy sleeves, big buttons, cropped or oversized and the more creative the better. The Simone Magazine is here to gather a quick and effortless summer look to look toned and the most presentable.

We are styling a white cropped top with voluminous sleeves, huck and eye front fastening, plus a tied back. Pair it with a beige high waisted trousers and a chunky belt to create a slimming effect and yet still shot some skin of your waist. When it comes to shoes, the options are limitless here. We are all about comfort here, thus white pair of slip-on sandals works perfectly, however, don’t be afraid and jump in some heels!

Accessories wise, The Simone Magazine recommends diving into bucket straw bags trend and suggesting the most wanted option from Polene.

Upgrade your wardrobe with some beautiful wow-tops to look on trend and follow The Simone Magazine for the last fashion trends.

Top // here

Trousers // Loavies

Bag // Polene

Shoes // Similar here


Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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