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26 Jul

Night Skincare Routine | Votary

As the summer heat raises, we notice how quickly our skin loses oxygen, elasticity and moisture. As much as a little vitamin D from the sun is good on a daily basis, maintaining and feeding our skin with the right ingredient is becoming of a significance importance. Today, we are paying attention how to rescue your skin while sleeping with a thorough night skincare Routine with Votary – one of the leading luxury British skincare brands that focuses only on natural ingredients. With 2 easy steps, you can awaken and leave your skin feeling silky soft, healthy and glowing from the very first blinks in the morning.

The first and the most important step for preparing your skin to sleep is cleanse. Votary introduces their rescuing Cleansing Oil with Rose Geranium and Apricot. Suitable for all skin types, this particular oil helps to reach our the deepest of your impurities and even wipes off all types of make up. Simply massage this oil into your skin, follow with a hot flannel and discover your skin feeling plumped straight after. Not only it helps to reduce dulness and uneven skin tone, but rescues your skin from dehydration. 
The second recommended step to follow the cleanse, is to use Votary’s Intense Night Oil with Rosehip and Retinoid. Ideal for the skin that shows first signs of ageing, this refined oil focuses on smoothing your skin leaving it feel way much younger, hydrated, and glowing. The oil is enriched with the greatest ingredients for your skin such as Avocado, tomato seed and rosehip with a delicate Rose scent. Simply take a few drops of the oil, heat them up between your palms and gently massage into your skin. Tip: Spending a few minutes massaging your skin will give extra effect and firmness.
Feeling intrigued? In these 2 easy steps Votary promises to take care of our skin with their gentle and carefully picked ingredients. Treat yourself now and shop on: www.votary.co.uk
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