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2 Oct


The Simone’s red-hot topics are always focused on the luxury off high-street labels. For attention of uniqueness enthusiasts – we have something special for you today! Nidodileda – is an absolutely valuable and non commercial Greek label supporting wilderness and freedom philosophy. Their clothing is vibrant and fresh, their materials are fine and light, and their designs are all rare and only. There is something in their collection that attracts and awakens the wilderness that helps you feel free and feminine in their pieces. It can only get better because Nidodileda’s apparel is full of life and has that tasty voguish sense that turn people eyes at you.

IMG_4977We had a closer look at the most exclusive Nidodileda’s luxury pieces. The primary one is a sky blue and ocean sheer lace maxi dress. Talkin about freedom in their designs, this particular one will take you on a smooth butterfly flight. Loose fitting and black tassels adorning your back create a very sensual look. It’s a dress that can lift up your positive energy and make you feel calm and confident. Anyhow, blue is the symbol of heaven and tranquillity – and here is the dress that can offer you its pleasant journey.





One more fabulous design is their Starlight Sheer Mini Dress. A combination of Snow white see-through sheer material, bell sleeves and off shoulder design enriched with sophisticated ornamented patterns can be your most comfortable item while exploring the world or simply your favourite beaches. You can release yourself matching it with shorts, white jeans or simply over your bikini! Seriously most convertible and breezy piece for your summer holidays!




Show some love to Nidodileda and shop their items at www.nidodileda.com or you can also follow their wild journey on Instagram @nidodileda



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