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30 Dec

New Year with Kapten & Son

Let’s travel in time where another beautiful year kicks in your heals with new expectations, new dreams and new goals. Have you reached your goals for 2017? Are you purely satisfied with what you have achieved? Have you traveled a lot? Or perhaps you have worked a lot and are ready to celebrate the grand New Year in sparkle sand style? If you have your party dress waiting for you, what we have today is some festive time keepers from Kapten and Son to match. It is the brand who understands what adventurous and dreamy souls wish. It is the brand who suprised us with their minimal and inspirational watches. They are creative, they are unique and they hold a spirit of a dreamy new world’s traveller. Once worn, it will adapt to your heart and count the beautiful memories you create throughout the whole year in every corner of this beautiful planet. Not to mention they play as the excllent gifts too. Discover the stylish range of Kapten and Son watches for yourself and your loved ones. We know you will find something you’ll love and tick tock the time with with loads of happiness and new better days.

Silver Mesh & Joy Brushed Silver Mesh & Grey Passport Holder

Joy Brushed Silver Mesh with the Gold Glitter Leather Strap

Silver with the Silver Metalic Leather Strap

Happy New Year’s Eve with Kapten & Son. Shop their watches on www.kapten-son.com


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