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12 Mar

Must Have Handbags | Winter & Co

Some of us like to collect shoes or accessories, and some of us have a strong crush for handbags. Today we would like to review 2 must have handbags of all times by Winter & Co, who is a sophisticated label providing great quality and elegant leather accessories for every busy ladies needs. 
Classic Day Black Handbag
A sleek and simple black handbag that is super spacious and especially appreciated by office ladies is the signature design of Winter & Co. Not only it is the most wanted design despite the season but also the most classy. Fitting all of your daily belongings including laptop it still manages to compliment your look with its polished design. It is the only design you can never go wrong with. Winter and co proudly assures an impeccable leather quality and beautiful golden fittings. The handbag comes in 3 other essential colours, thus all of us will find love for one of them straigh away. Pair it with some black heels and check trousers and add an oversized denim jacket for that millennial street look. 
Mini White Bag
Another great Winter & Co feature is their size and colour comprehension. Like this super chic whitewashed mini handbag will carry you through this spring with an extra glamour. Appropriate from business meetings to an elegant weekend in the city. Mini handbags are having a special love on the runaways this season and  Winter & Co clearly understand the everyday fashion needs bu producing a mini yet still conveniently spacious handbag for your new spring outfit. You will be surprised of its versatility! We are kicking the spring 2018 off in a maxi floral dress and white heels – a super feminine and alluring to make some heads turn.
Shop Winter & Co handbags on www.winterandco.de/en/
Also available to shop on Amazon here

Styled & Edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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