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28 Sep

Monte Santo Resort *****

If you have ever dreamed of visiting the most picturesque holiday destination by the ocean, what would it be? For The Simone, Algarve was always on the hot list. But when it comes to Algarve, Carvoeiro always wins the town race. Surrounded by the secluded beaches, golden cliffs and a small ancient and private-like fishing village is where the luxurious 5 star Monte Santo Resort is sizzling at. As autumn is getting more and more crowded in Europe these days, this is where The Simone guarantees you will find your ultimate relaxation retreat.



Situated on the top of the famous Portuguese golden-looking cliffs and overlooking the Atlantic, Monte Santo Resort offers remarkable selection of 64 luxury accommodations ranging from 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suites to fancy two floor townhouses. The refined design and modern furnishing will let you experience the quality stay down to its finest. Fresh, luxe and green backgrounds will breathe out its paradisal vibes for you to feel like in a dream. From the very first moments you enter resort premises, you will be greeted by the experienced staff members, who will make sure to take all your worries away.



Guided by the inseparable love and soulmate, The Simone had a chance to experience Monte Santo Resort at its fullest and here is the door to our stay.


After a quick and pleasant check-in service, the professional hotel staff introduced us with the resort premises and showed us the way to our private house. You will be kindly offered a drive to your apartments because of the beautifully large resort area. Your eyes will fall into the perfect greenery and palms delight of the resort that looks so bright like freshly painted. Spotlessly clean surroundings will most likely steal your breath away. But don’t worry, it’s just the beginning of your sail at the spectacular Monte Santo.


The gorgeous 2 bedroom town house was proudly waiting for us upon arrival letting us feel welcomed from the very first approach. Huge parking lot and the fancy home entrance led us into the little castle of whites and marble. The house doors opened to a spacious hall and a huge living room with a fully equipped open space kitchen. Classic and luxurious furniture is surrounded by the spotlessly clean and glossy surfaces release a speacial and leasant royal feelling instantly relaxing your tight travel muscles.




The 1st floor plan can only look more impeccable with a green terrace from which you can jump straight into your private swimming pool.




The 1st floor has two spacious bedrooms that opens up to another spacious terrace overlooking the pool and the ocean in the horizon – ideal for just starting into the blues. Both indoor and outdoor comfortable lounges are here for you to indulge yourself into the pure mind and body relaxation.




If you are still wondering if you can dine and have fun, Monte Santo can definitely offer an elegant and entertaining experience. The very fine hotel’s Monte dos Comensais restaurant serves true Portuguese barbecue delights, while the skilful bar staff mix fresh and innovative drinks. For more special experience, you can arrange your dinner to be laid out in a Maldivian style romantic lounge.




Monte Santo is where you will feel, experience and leave everything behind at your home away from home. Discover the Portuguese luxury in style at one of the finest Algarve’s hotels and book your stay – CLICK HERE


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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