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5 Nov

Meller | Sunglasses

Looking for a new but different pair of sunglasses for your next adventures? Meller the brand is here to escape you! The label created for extreme and adventurous souls who dare to be unique, offers wide range of modern shades and watches for both men and women.



The idea behind the label originated and was inspired by the biggest chameleon in Africa – Meller. The varying shades throughout the brand is here to remind us about the true inspiring colours of life. The circular frames are the latest sunglasses must have. Nevertheless, the Meller surprises us with their high quality polarized lenses and affordable prices. The blue lenses are especially on peak this season! innovative souls are going to love Meller and give the biggest approval for their next festival to city looks!



Reveal your influencing way of lifestyle with Meller and get noticed. Be yourself and be unique, be Meller.


Here are a couple of the Simone picks of the season. Ideal sunnies that will take you form early morning sun rays to a stroll down the high street.



See the world through the new blues and shop Meller on www.mellerbrand.com and follow their playful IG @mellerbrand


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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