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8 Feb

Maumero shoes | NY

Let’s talk about heels. Yes, a little bit painful but yet the prettiest confidence boosting feminine shoes ever. No matter if you are going for a business smart, classy or simply street style look, you will always need a good pair of heels to make a greater impact to your overall appearance. With this season’s focus on dressing from feet up, we’re here to give you some outstanding inspiration.









With that note, we would like represent a wonderful footwear label Maumero shoes from New York and discuss some serious styling featuring their Claudia D’orsay heels in blue Chambray suede leather.



This moment, we are styling in Dubai – one of the most lavish and luxurious destinations in the whole world. Maumero shoes proved to be the perfect match and more than successfully blended into the refined environment!




The idea behind the label is to create beautiful and practical everyday footwear that would empower femininity in amy life situations. You may question how can heels empower women when they are in a hurry, picking up kids from school or running late for work. Trust us, Maumero shoes will change your mind. The label provides quality, comfort and elegance all in one. Each pair has a padded insole, which helps you in any kind of life runaway. The leather is super soft and adapts to your feet both from inside and outside.




In general, if you need that Cinderella feel kind of shoe to adorn your everyday style – wear Maumero. The shoes are extremely style friendly and can escort you from a day at work to a lavish night out in Dubai.


Add glamour to your look with Maumero shoes. Shop at www.maumero.com



Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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