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14 Aug

Luxury Skincare | Valmont 

If any lady should be an addict to particular things, that should totally be quality skincare. Feeling good in your own skin can certainly bring you an invaluable amounts of confidence and we could not recommend you more to invest in your routine. Today, we have a very special guest brand Valmont who are experts in luxury skincare with their famous AWF5 formula. Many years of laboratory work has finally brought a product range that targets five main components of your skin with its divine products.
Going more into details you have to remember, there are five main ingredients in the AWF5 complex that Valmont introduced to target crucial elements of your skin: peptide cocktail to stimulate cellular renewal; Vitamin C to enhance and protect your skin; a fibro-boost to increase the production of collagen and elastin; GAG (Glycosaminoglycans and the most common known as hyaluronic acid and derma tan sulphate) booster to increase GAG production; and Densi-Derm to produce proper cohesion between fibres and ground.
Currently, Valmont offers AWF5 in two collections: The V-Line Lifting for wrinkles and V-Shape Filling to restore the loss of volume and firmness. Today we are focusing on the former collection and explain why it is essential by Valmont to take care of these skincare elements.
The V-Shape Filling kit includes three products:
V-Shape Filling Concentrate: It a serum that helps to fill in sagging and uneven skin parts by restoring the firmness and volume. Shop here
V-Shape Filling Cream that regenerates face contour and enhances skin’s volume. It also helps your skin to look younger and firmer. Shop here
V-Shape Filling Eye Balm: It cares of your delicate eye area with its lightweight texture and also gives back the natural volume to around your eyes area, plus instantly depuffs. Shop here
Edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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