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20 Aug

Luxury Mattresses | Eve Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important human body state of mind that is cruicially necessary for survival. Lack of sleep can lead to a lot of serious illnesses such as obesity, heart disease or even diabetes. Very often lack of sleep arises because of uncomfortable bed or mattresses. That is why, it is very important to invest in these things for a better quality of day life. Many years ago mattresses used to be very primitive but with the modern technology we now have impressive quality luxury mattresses made from memory foam or latex. Eve Sleep is one of those phenomenal mattress companies who are changing our sleep for better with their foam and hybrid mattresses and we are here today to discuss the benefits of sleeping on The Original Mattress.


The Original Mattress has three layers of foam to keep any pressure and gives medium-firm support. The mattress consists of the following: top cover; the comfort layer; the memory layer; the base layer and an anti slip base. It perfectly controls the temperature by keeping you cool in summer and holding the heat in winter. Eve mattresses are almost 30-times more breathable than all traditional memory mattresses on the market.

We have slept on the mattress for three weeks and could notice better sleep results from the first night. Better sleep resulted in less awakenings during the night, less joints pain and soothing effect for the after-gym body. We have also noticed reduced back and neck pain as well as reduces sweating at night. The mattress is easy to maintain as you can remove the top layer and put it to wash.

Eve mattresses has 10 years warranty, thus do not hesitate any longer and invest into your well-being now by shopping the new mattress.

Still cannot believe these miraculous mattresses exist? Check out and compare all of the other Eve mattresses to find your perfect fit and improve your sleep now!

Shop on www.evesleep.co.uk

Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis








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