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2 Apr

Luxury Custom Handbags | Laudi Vidni

Bespoke designs are as ever reaching the height of popularity. Whether it is clothes, shoes or simply interior, it is great to know there are brands that are willing to meet your highest wishes and needs. Today we are drawing attention to the unique bespoke designer handbags brand Laudi Vidni, who not only provides with your dream handbags but also has a strong sense of fashion and sophistication.
As runaways are being filled with bright colours this season, Laudi Vidni introduces us with a wide selection of leathers, shapes and shades for even the most ambitious fashionistas. This particular season, The Simone Magazine is particularly promoting colourful accessories wear and diving into the hues of yellow.
From small leather goods to beautiful weekend bags and backpacks, Laudi Vidni is not short of fresh fashion ideas and their beautiful selection of exotic leather. Our eyes were straight away caught up by a fresh patent snake Champagne textures for one of the most needed Sonata shoulder bag. To add contrast, we chose black leather strap and in two easy choices we have an impeccably ideal spring accessory. The quality of designs is just another great feature – beautiful lining and fastening a well as a bright and spacious inside of the handbag are what will attach you tho this handbag for many years to come. A real investment into your style, comfort and good looks!
Styling Tip: Be brave to wear more yellow this season. Pick a bright citrus shirt, a pair of wide leg trousers and jump into sneakers – this kind of style is going to make everyone inspired!
Shop Laudi Vidni at www.laudividni.com
Styled and Edited by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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