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14 Feb

Luxury City Escape | Stoke Park

Proudly nestled 35min away from London Stoke Park Hotel has been famous for its luxury since they launched in 1908.  A soldier, scholar and poet John Penn (1760-1834) has brought the mansion to life with the help of architect James Wyatt who designed the luxurious surroundings with a lot of talent. The mansion was used as a private residence by many well-known British people until it opened its arms to public as Britain’s first Country Club.

Nowadays, Stoke Park cheers us up with luxury getaways for families, couples and leisure lovers for an excellent luxury city escape. Surrounded by a massive and very well looked after golf fields, the hotel has many cosy accomodations including standard and the most exclusive suites. Visitors can relax at the hotels spa and swimming pool that will bring you back to the luxury of pool parties by the great Gatsby.  Throughout the mansion there are different lounge rooms for guests to unwind in a glass of champagne or a dreamy afternoon tea. To not keep you bored, the estate has a spectacular Royal Gardens, and pond to walk by. The estate has four different restaurants to dine at for everyone’s different taste. Starting with breakfast at the Orangery to a refined dinner at Humphry’s Fine Dining, it will leave even the most spoiled foodies speechless.

Talented and welcoming staff is there to look after your needs and are ready to accommodate you in every move you take.  Even if you decide to spend all of your time in the room, which all have beautiful lounges, fireplaces and relaxing bathrooms – Stoke Park will easily take all your stress away with its calming atmosphere.

Either it is your family birthday, anniversary, wedding or even honeymoon – you will not regret choosing Stoke Park. Discover more about the hotel here: www.stokepark.com

Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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