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22 Jun

Luxury Card-holders | My Vertige

Where the sea meets luxury and a completely refined and secluded city environment, Vertige, a luxurious card-holder’s brand lives. Inspired and adapted by the most exclusive yet relaxed living in Monaco, offers us a range off quality and chic card-holders to fit every pocket and purse!

Produced from the highest quality calf skin, Vertige introduces us to a beautiful selection of card-holders. Shades vary from black to Pink Violet and can be loved by so many fashion tastes. Is it only us, who spot less and less people owning a proper big size wallet? With our busy lifestyles, ladies are emptying their handbags to the minimum of carrying weight. Vertige’s card-holders are super small and sleek fitting up to 3 or more cards in them. Producing card holders for both men and women, Vertige may be the only one you need. Elegance and premium craftsmanship will conquer your hearts for many years to come.
Grab your favourite clutch, a cell phone and Vertige card holder and you are ready to go shopping or set some meeting in lightness and style.
Get your favourite Vertige shade for a long lasting trend and quality. Shop My Vertige at: www.myvertige.com
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