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24 May

Luxe Boho Jewellery | Katerina Psoma

If you love flowing and loose maxi dresses, hats and chunky belts, the last piece you are missing is some fine chunky and good looking jewellery. Statement jewellery is especially taking over this season and we have incredible picks by Katerina Psoma – a beautiful Greek jewellery designer. It is a lot more than just an ordinary pieces of jewellery. The designs are each very special and inspired by various artistic movements such as Jackson Pollock’s brushstrokes, 19th century women archaeologists or Byzantine mosaics. Influenced and combined from ideas of exotic travel adventures, Katerina Psoma’s jewellery is deeply cultural and treated as a real piece of art. Recognised by the world’s leading stores and magazines, the jewellery can now be found all across the globe.

Today we are editing two of the brilliant pieces: a very modern pair of golden Claudia Hoops and a more sensitive and characteristic Artemis Feather earrings. Both designs are elegant, yet super contemporary and with a bohemic twist. Chunky designs can go unnoticed and help to empower confidence in your day-to-day looks.

The Claudia Hoops are gold plated statement pieces to anchor and sharpen your casual every day look or even spicy up the evening look in the golden sunset hour. Shiny and sleek design blends in really well creating an extravagant and brave vibes.

The Artemis Feather earrings are best represented as Katerina Psoma’s signature pieces. 5 flawless cantered feathers locked in a vintage brass combine the luxuriously looking and alluring design. Style it with some lace and bronzed make up for an ultimate summer look.

Inspired by Katerina Psoma’s statememt jewellery? Luxe it up and discover the brand on www.katerinapsoma.com or follow the designer on Instagram @keterinapsoma

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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