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12 Jul

Lovely Papa Collection

It is not only a fashion label. It is rather a label that has been created by a living heart of a beautiful, creative and inspiring travel blogger Alexandra Pereira, formally known as Lovely Pepa. It is a label with a soul that is enriched with many different travel stories that reflect in her designs. 
The philosophy behind the label was to create quality clothing to accompany adventurous ladies in style and comfort. From casual basics, to tunics and beautifully tailored dresses, the collection is rich of breezy and colourful items that are perfect to combine your ultimate travel wardrobe.
The featured items are a perfect example of Lovely Pepa’s vision – a light off the shoulder blouse, that is perfect to catch your holiday sun rays by the Mediterranean, and a statement tee that is an inevitable must have to match with good pair of denim or a floaty skirt.
Shop Lovely Pepa Collection at: www.ovelypepacollection.com or follow the brand on Instagram @lovelypepacollection
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