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10 Nov

Linzi | Extra Long OTKs

Fall is definitely here to wrap us up in cosy surroundings by the falling leaved and a cup of tea. When it comes to autumn favourites, what’s your one pair of shoes would be? Wouldn’t it be the classy over the knee boots? The Simone could not think of a better pair that goes better with skirts, jeans or dresses! Usually being on a pricey range, it makes us look for an affordable but good looking ones. The Simone has a very reasonably charged brand Linzi! The OTK boots start from £35, and the featured ones are just £38.00. The perfect length, the perfect fit and the perfect heel! What is else there to ask for the upcoming festive season! Shop Linzi shoes at LINZI or follow them on their trendy Instagram @linzishoes





Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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