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28 Jun

Linen Dreams | Sauths

There is a lot of beautiful summer clothing that looks stunning whilst on a hanger but stop feeling so one put on. With the heat raising up we are all thinking of the most lightweight and breathable materials to create a perfect vacay or off-duty looks. Today we are talking linen and featuring a gorgeous brand Sauths that is specialising is wonderful and highest quality linen apparel. Designed to fit modern travel women, Sauths offers a range of elegant and colourful dresses or tops for your summer days. Not only they use natural fabrics such as linen for summer, or cashmere for winter, Sauths surprises us with an impeccable and stylish designs. 

For you to get inspired and feel this brand’s effortless summer chic vibes, we are featuring 3 of their beautiful designs.
The first in line is an unique Kiribati Pink Shoulder Straps Dress. Perfect for super hot summer days at the sea and warm evening walks this voluminous dress is super light and creates a nude feel. Accompanied with a nice fedora hat you will look stylish, bright and youthful.
Another gorgeous design is the Lanai Light Brown Long Dress. This is a more elegant choice and could be perfectly visualised for a casual day in the city or a spontaneous dinner out. Wear it loose, or tight it with a belt to spicy up the look even more. The lengthening design gives a slimming effect and it is also very friendly colour wise.
Last pick is the most needed one – a beautiful white and light spaghetti strap top. That is the item a summer survival would be a real challenge. Playing a winner with so many different stylings, this item is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe.
Discover the brand and shop your favourite Sauths essentials here: www.sauths.com or follow on Instagram @sauthsofficial
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