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21 Mar

Lilooks Jewellery

Lilooks is a Swedish Jewellery label that specialises in the unique combination of irresistibly feminine and innovative designs. Their timeless pieces are finely handcrafted using precious metals such as 925 sterling silver and are all quality plated with 18K Gold or Rose Gold. Lilooks passion for natural gemstones reflects in their elegantly embellished jewellery.
The pictured necklace in shape of female symbol is available in sterling silver and gold, or rose gold plated. This discrete yet fabulous pretty little necklace will certainly help you feel more like a goddess.
 If you seek to reward yourself with extra femininity for an afternoon tea with your girlfriends or simply a positive day in the office, you will not regret adding some sparkles from the Lilooks innovative and sophisticated collection!
 Visit and shop Lilooks at: http://www.lilooks.com or follow them on Instagram @lilooks


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