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9 May

Leather Shopper Bag | Jekyll & Hide

From purses to travel bags and suitcases, Jekyll and Hide leather creations are perfect for practical globetrotters. Smooth leather and exceptional quality is what we can rely on. Trust us, travelling has never been more stylish with Jekyll and Hide’s lifelong products and now we are heading off to Santorini!

Our pick is their bold Shanghai Shopper leather handbag that will work out as the greatest companion if you’re simply off for some shopping or rushing your way through the airport. Spacious enough to fit in your daily essentials as well as a tablet or a spare pair of shoes, Jekyll and Hide’s handbag can also hold so many different fashion styles.

Minimal and clean lines, comfortable handles and a fancy purple inside lining combines this modern bag and today we are styling it for our hot Greek holidays! The bag has a beautiful neutral tone that appears to be very friendly and will match most of your light holiday wardrobe as well as will work well with the darker shades.

They say – never travel to Santorini without some blue shades. Now that we have got a dress in light blue, Jekyll and Hide has been an absolute inspiration matching this vacay-mode-on outfit and blending in island’s whites and blues with its light greyish tone.
Another style inspiration is pairing it with some darker shades. Matched with the loose black culottes, Shanghai shopper stands out and compliments the youthful and elegant look.
Shop the high quality Jekyll and Hide leather bags on www.jekyllandhide.co.uk
 and travel in style!
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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