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6 Mar

Lavish Alice | Sleeve Season

Yes, since the season of the sleeve is officially here and all over the corners, let’s have a serious talk about! Puffs, ruffles, cuts and exaggeration is what it is all about and today we would like to point out to how well Lavish Alice understands this over prettified trend!



The featured blouse os the perfect statement example of your top must buy for this season. Not only the blouse is in the perfect kind of warm sandy shade, it is also of shoulder and has ruffled sleeves! To prettify the whole situation even more, Lavish Alice prepped the blouse with a ballet pump inspired cross over ties to emphasise your waistline.

The Simone styles it with a pair of nicely washed denim jeans and a statement belt. Add a pair of high heeled mules and you are good to escape to the weekend!

Shop the exquisite Lavish Alice designs here http://www.lavishalice.com/ and follow the brand on their super stylish Instagram @lavishalice




Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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