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2 Feb

Kapten & Son | Pure

Kapten and Son has certainly got the reputation of being the best travelling watch brand. Either it is for casual city getaway or sailing around the world being your own captain, you will find it extremely style friendly. Today, is an exciting day as Kapten and Son releases a new member to their wonderful family – The Pure Lux watch. Available in two dial colours, our colour if representation is white and we are taking it to Middle East!


Actually, it is not so basic white anymore. It is the Pure sleek mixed up with carcoal black design. It is also 3atm water resistant. Some people say they don’t like wearing watches because they don’t like counting time. Some people say they don’t like watched because they don’t like seeing time running fast. Kapten & Son created a timepiece whose concept is about time running light and about moments that have to be cherished. For most of us, the best moments in life are captured while travelling. Wherever it is, this watch can add some extra style and luxury to your sleek night or a classy touch to your way to work. The new Kapten and Son watch will be a keeper.



Solid design with a sporty feel is new the hero that will kick the fashion crowd becoming the most wanted and fashion forward accessory of 2017. Details do matter. Accessories do matter and Kapten and Son Pure watch purely matters. Be the new Kapten and count the next time decadence with the Pure watch. Shop here: Kapten & Son




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