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27 Jun

Italian Shoe Envy | Varadi

A lot of us would probably give a long stop and stare when talked or spotted about Italian made shoes. Having earned a word of the world’s most comfortable and luxurious shoes, Italian craftsmanship footwear will never disappoint. With this note, we are very excited to introduce a wonderful shoe designer brand Varadi that knocks us out of our flat shoes and steals our dreams for their perfectly heeled and designed footwear.

Passionated for impeccable shoe heels, Varadi shoes launched with a vision to provide highest quality, leather and luxurious high heels to fit any demanding lady’s needs. Each pair of Varadi shoes is carefully handled by a professional and skilfull Italian shoemakers. And a perfect taste for luxury fashion reveals in their newest collection L’Intemporelle. Having been created and produced in Paris, Varadi collection perfectly matches that fashion forward crowd’s ambitions. 
The first featured pair is a very classic black suede heeled sandals Helena with a gorgeously patterned ornament in the front and a slim wrap around the ankle strap. Beautiful golden detailing just adorns the design even more. Quite a high and slim heel compliments the whole look, and if you are questioning if they are enough comfortable – you will need to question no more. They are one of the most comfortable heels the shoe industry can offer!
The second pair is a more elegant blue and white calf skin heeled sandals with piano keys flanges imitation up the front  – how creative, isn’t it? Pure comfort style and quality all in one pair. 
Varadi shoes have been rocking glamorous Palermo night outs with little black dresses for occasional wear and culotte pants for a more off duty chic looks.
Discover the brand and shop your favourite pair on: www.dianavaradi.com/en or follow the brand on Instagram @varadishoes
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