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30 Nov

Instagram hacked and DELETED

As you might already be aware, couple of weeks ago @the.simone Instagram account has been hacked and deleted. This article is just to bring everybody’s attention to your own cyber security. An invasion into your personal data is a serious crime that must be taken into consideration and reported!

Social media platforms have become major side keys of running a business or a hobby. Instagram apparently is one of the most popular. Having recently launched business accounts, Instagram is now allowing brands to fully advertise and monetise their commerce. Influencers and bloggers becoming aware of this are speeding their way up and build strong and influencing profiles to offer promotion to other brands. In general, 2016 has been significant for social media personalities and 2017 will continue to be. Now, as we see, Instagram is a massive family that holds so much data, relationships and personal memories all over the world. However, how safe is it? How safe is any of the digital software that we are using? The answers is that there definitely are many risks involved in this wonderful digital world.


Public figures and business accounts are in real danger and becoming real targets of cyber criminals & hackers to steal your data and destroy you for any stupid reason. As you understand, in social media world, the reasons may be mental, financial or simply competitive.



@the.simone has recently suffered an unpleasant cyber attack where the Instagram account was compromised and deleted. Apparently, it bas been unsuccessful attempt for a couple of months and Instagram Team did their best to notify and warn us. However, on Thursday 17 November, I was suddenly logged out of my own account and struggled to log back as the username said to no longer exist. The account was deleted from Instagram history.



Having taken this move as a compliment that somebody had wanted me gone and having investigated it, led us to understand that this was an attack of unprofessional cyber criminal. There are specific police forces responsible for investigating and detecting these particular computer crimes. Depending on which data has been affected and stolen, the punishment could lead up to 10 years imprisonment by the Cyber Crime Law. Fortunately, we had traced down the IP address, which is currently under investigation and is the main key connecting to the hacker.


Luckily, having patiently waited for 5 days, our account has been successfully restored by the Instagram Team. Please note that Instagram may be not very responsive but these acts and users security is being taken seriously!


Tips to learn and avoid being hacked:

1. Secure your mobile number (Yes, mobile numbers can be hacked too!)
2. Secure email address
3. Secure all of your passwords and ensure no third parties have access
4. Don’t get caught on spam or fake emails. Always check the recipients of any suspicious emails
5. Regularly update passwords
6. Always log out from your personal accounts on unauthorised or public computer devices
7. Don’t leave your phone unattended


Even though Instagram is a highly competitive platform, do not let others ruin you success. Keep going and keep doing your best. Keep inspiring!!! Hackers hate that 😉

We hope this article made you think of your everyday digital security and you will be now taking extra precautions!

Best wishes,


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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